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About us

We believe in a world where children living in extreme adversity have their lives transformed into a bright future. They deserve happiness, hope and respect.

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Arms Around The Child (UK) is fundraising towards

Bobbi Bear – Durban, South Africa

Started in 1992 by Jackie Branfield, Operation Bobbi Bear rescues and upholds the rights of sexually abused children while aiming to minimise their risk of HIV infection. This includes provision of Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) to children who have been raped. Through on-going support the organization helps children and ...

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Soweto, South Africa

Driven by her experience in a community that shuns children because of their Orphan or HIV status and seeing children suffering, Carol Dyanti (Mum Carol) felt compelled to help the many children that came to her for help. In 2003 Carol set up Ikageng Itireleng, then rallied the community and ...

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Beckfound – Senya-Beraku, Ghana

Restoring hope for generations in Ghana. Founded by the dedicated team of teacher Seth Aseidu and his wife VivianBecky’s foundation (Beckfound) in Senya-Beraku, a very historic coastal town in Ghana. It was primarily established to provide love and kindness to abandoned children and orphans in Senya-Beraku ...

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