Arms Around The Child (Uk)
Jordanna Kyprianou

Jordanna Kyprianou



  • £2,000 Target
  • £3,000 Raised
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'I don't know about you, but today I feel like running a marathon'.

These were his last words on social media before he ran the Brighton Marathon in April 2013. Due to what can only be described as a very bad storm of events, my friend, Sam Harper Brighouse passed away at the 17 mile mark. This untimely, sudden and harrowing event left a hole in the lives he touched, from his freindship group, his colleagues, his incredible family, his peers, his uni friends and even parents of friends including siblings, ex girflriends - you name it. We couldn't come to terms with it, so instead, we all pulled together and created a celebratory music festival in his memory after uncovering his music reviews and loves. The 2 night camp festival will remain as one of the most incredible experiences to many that attended while we wrapped his loss in the memory of fun and joy and confided in nostaglia to mask the shock of his passing. 

An incredible £36,000 has been raised for charity and so many incredible people have kept his memory alive around us. Arms arond the child have kindly allowed me to honor his memory and retrace his last steps and complete the Brighton Marathon for him. For it is events like these, the collaboration of organisations, people, friends and families that make his life, his memories and his mark in the world even more fond than it was. I know you'll be watching over me Harper, and I hope I do you proud.